Room acoustics in healthcare A feast for the eyes and ears



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In a retirement home, poor room acoustics can lead to an impairment of the residents’ quality of life. Noise and background sounds can lead to stress, sleep disturbances and other health problems. The Koglfirst Centre, which has been working on optimising room acoustics, reports successful results from improving room acoustics.

Before the optimisation, the residents suffered from a disturbing noise level that affected communication and caused sleep disturbances. The nursing home decided to optimise the room acoustics to improve the residents’ well-being and enhance their quality of life.

Under the direction of Thomas Bolli, the Kohlfirst Centre installed various acoustic solutions such as ceiling and wall panels that could be well integrated into the room both acoustically and in terms of design. The aim was to reduce the sound level in the room, improve the sound quality and increase the comfort of the residents.

After optimising the room acoustics, the residents reported a significant improvement in their quality of life. The noise level in the retirement home was significantly reduced, which enabled better communication and improved the residents’ sleep. The staff in the work areas of the retirement home also reported greater comfort and a pleasant working environment.