Optimal room acoustics in the practice rooms



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Better room acoustics improve comfort and quietness in our medical centre.

As a medical facility, it is important for us to create a pleasant and quiet environment for our patients to support their health needs. Therefore, we decided to optimise the room acoustics in our medical centre with printakustik.

We commissioned printakustik Schaffhausen as a specialised company to analyse our acoustic situation and propose a solution to improve the room acoustics. After a comprehensive investigation, they presented various options that met our needs. We finally decided on a combination of table panels and wall absorbers to better regulate the sound in the room.

After installation, we immediately noticed a significant improvement in the sound attenuation in the medical centre. The noise level was reduced, resulting in a quieter atmosphere for patients, their families and staff. We have also received positive feedback from our staff and patients and feel that our remodelling measures are helping to make patients and staff feel more comfortable.

Conclusion: Optimising the room acoustics in our medical centre has not only ensured a quieter and more pleasant stay for patients and staff, but has also had a positive effect on our mental health. We can recommend printakustik Schaffhausen, for their excellent work and will certainly use their services in the future.