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Room acoustics in the open plan office



printakustik CUBUS35 | PAD25 (CH)

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A leading engineering and planning company in the construction industry. In the business areas of building construction, infrastructure and energy, reports a successful optimisation of the room acoustics in their office. The solutions deployed have helped to reduce noise levels and background noise, and improve communication and work efficiency.

Prior to the optimisation, the company faced a number of challenges. Employees complained about noise and background sounds that affected their concentration and negatively impacted work results. The company was looking for a solution that would improve work efficiency and work environment.

Gruner AG decided to optimise the room acoustics by installing printakustik® brand acoustic panels (PAD25) on the ceiling and placing CUBUS35 in the corners of the room. These solutions reduced sound levels and echo effects and improved the overall acoustics in the office. As a result of these changes, many employees reported increased satisfaction and an improved working environment.

After the optimisation, the company saw some positive results. Noise levels were reduced by 60-70% and background noise and echo effects were minimised. Communication and collaboration between staff improved, and productivity increased.