Silent Socks® HD

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With Silent Socks acoustic furniture pads, chairs and tables glide smoothly across the floor, reducing scraping noise, scratched floors, stubborn marks and heavy lifting. Silent Socks also reduce impact noise from chairs knocking against table legs, etc. The inner rubber ball support ensures that Silent Socks stay securely in place. Silent Socks HD (Heavy Duty) are made from a mixture of synthetic materials and a small element of wool. This model is suitable for most types of floors.

Important User Information

Silent Socks are not recommended for use on floors treated with oil, as this type of surface treatment considerably shortens the life cycle of the furniture pads. Most steel tube legs come with original internal or external plastic caps. They should NOT be removed before fitting Silent Socks.

Silent Socks are available in four different sizes.


Ø16-22MM & Ø20-27MM

Ø28-35MM & Ø33-38MM

Please follow this link to find a guide on how to measure your furniture legs: Size Guide

Silent Socks furniture pads fit easily onto the legs of chairs and tables – no tools required.

Most steel tube legs come with original internal or external plastic caps. These should not be removed before fitting the Silent Socks. Thanks to their internal support, Silent Socks remain securely fastened.

When Silent Socks gather dust – start by vacuuming them. If they are still dirty, they can easily be washed. Remove the Silent Socks as a whole, including the inner rubber ball, and wash them in a washing machine using the Wool programme at 30-40 °C. Then tumble dry. Leave them in an airy and warm environment for a few hours before refitting.

Silent Socks HD are made of a mixture of synthetic material and a small wool element that is designed for most types of flooring. The inner support part is made of synthetic rubber.

Reduces scraping noise

Silent Socks reduce noise levels by up to 18 dB when compared to the original furniture pad

Protects your floors

Silent Socks protect your floors from scratches and marks

Made in Sweden

Silent Socks is a Swedish product designed and manufactured in Sweden.

Avoid heavy lifting

Silent Socks make your furniture glide smoothly across the floor

How to measure your chair legs

Inner plastic cap

Outer plastic cap

Square legs

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