Free standing cubic absorber

printakustik PRIMETOWER35 is a free-standing absorber that does not require attachment to a wall or ceiling.It is versatile and also a real eye-catcher in terms of quality and appearance.

The three-dimensional, sound-absorbing TOWER can be set up flexibly and freely in the room, e.g. in office and conference rooms, call centers, canteens or in the reception area.The high-quality TOWER are of the highest processing quality “Made in Switzerland”.

The TOWER are covered with a high-quality acoustic fabric and convince with excellent sound absorption.

They have been proven to reduce reverberation and optimize room acoustics. At the same time, they are extremely robust in daily use, can be cleaned easily and are color-fast. Made of an aluminum frame.

The acoustic fabric (B1 certified) is printed with the desired color or motif. The acoustic fabric can be washed at 40° or replaced at any time. Three core acoustic module (B1 certified), handcrafted highly sophisticated in Switzerland.

Qualities at a glance:

Produced in Switzerland

The SWISS LABEL trademark is a symbol of trust-building values such as quality, safety and reliability.

Class A absorber

printakustik modules are real problem solvers. As sound absorbers of the highest class A, they effectively counteract sound-reflecting surfaces.

Zero Waste

100% Zero Waste: We generate raw material for our PrimeTower35 from used products and the residual material generated during production.

Material - circuit

Take-back program for all products. Thus, all products can be returned for recycling at the end of their life cycle.

Simple mounting

The assembly of the printakustik modules is quick and easy and, thanks to the specially developed tools, absolutely flexible.

100% recyclable

Our products comply with today's environmental guidelines and are made from recyclable materials.


Our high quality materials help to avoid allergic reactions, no glass fibers or harmful substances are used.

B1 Certified

Our products are all tested and subject to the building material class flame retardant.